Privacy Policy

When the proposition for the was put forth one of the very initial tasks that was to be accomplished was to define a comprehensible, justified and practically applicable Privacy Policy for this project that can easily be put into action for the usage of in order to uphold the responsibility of the protection and preservation for the personally identifying information which may be asked from the users when they make a visit to the website of the All of the stated terms of privacy policy listed below will strictly be adhered to no matter what circumstances may present.

In light of the sensitivity of all kinds of personal data that is collected from the users of, it cannot be stressed upon enough that all of such data must be protected under most stringent of laws and terms against any kind of misuse, theft, illegal usage or unauthorized access hence for this reason  the legal team of Firestone Credit Card  has come up with an easily understandable document stating all the laws and rules which will be followed under any event for every user who selects to use the services of

The compiled below terms of Privacy Policy of states all that any user needs to know in terms of legal terms, rules and regulations that will be applied when it comes to the protection of personal or potentially personally identifying information that may be asked from the user only after the user has provided digital consent before choosing to share such details.   

We cannot stress enough upon the importance of reading the following rules and terms of Privacy Policy that too thoroughly before using the services from

  • There will be circumstances and instances where the will  ask for their visitors or users’ personal or potentially personally identifying data however before this data is being collected the user will be informed in complete detail of all the reasons and purposes for which such information is being asked for by the website of  
  • team members will only require the sensitive and personal data of their users when there is a logical plus viable stance for such information to be asked for and that also solely to fulfill and comply with all the logical reasons, intents and purposes that were displayed to the users when they were asked to share their personal or potentially personally identifying information. Then this assembled data will complete all these justified reasons under lawful means but in every case the team of will always require the consent or permission of the user first or otherwise will do so as the law states.  
  • team will ask their users or visitors for their personal data or potentially identifying personal data for a stipulated span of time which would essentially be the time period during which the collected data will fulfill all the reasons which were informed to the user when they were sharing their information with the intents, purposes and reasons which were told to the user when they were being asked to share their information.
  • The will always hold their duty to protect and preserve the personal information of the users against any form of illegal use, theft and/ or unauthorized access.
  • The will display this document of Privacy Policy at all times and under all circumstances and will be compiled by under all times where user sensitive or personal information is involved when they choose to visit the website of    

The whole team of the has devoted all their time and energy to perform their business according to the listed Privacy Policy terms, rules and regulations.